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The purpose of PAMHO is to provide a way to communicate to those Gaudiya Vaisnava devotees of Lord Krishna who are members or well-wishers of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), and who are greatly respectful towards its founder acarya, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

A PAMHO membership is free of charge, but you need the recommendation from a PAMHO user.

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From whom have you received your very first initiation?
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Be Unique!

If you are initiated, we will use your devotee name as your user name and corresponding e-mail address at If your name is already in use on our system, we will need to add something to it, in order to make it unique. So, please write an acronym (letters and/or digits) below which we can use if needed (e.g. the initials of your spiritual master, or the intials of your legal name).

If you are not initiated, you can skip this.

Add acronym:   
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Example: if your name is Govinda das, but we already have a Govinda das, and you specify AB, then your user name will be Govinda (das) AB, and your e-mail address will be


If you have filled in a devotee name, we will use your devotee name as user name. If you don't have a devotee name, we will use your civil name as user name.

Now, if you wish, you can add up to three alias names on your mailbox. They can be anything of your choice. Mail to alias e-mail addresses will arrive in the same account as mail to your main name, and will be sorted into a separate box. When sending out mail, you can choose either your main name or one of the aliases to be used for the From: line (from Win/MacCOM 39 onwards).

Aliases can be a way to also have an e-mail address with your civil name if you're initiated, or to provide a mailing address for an organization, or for providing e-mail access to wife and children without needing to pay for separate accounts. Click here for more info.

Feel free to include parts in parentheses ( ), they will not be part of the resulting e-mail address, but will be included in the "real name" in the From: line.

Alias 1:
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Alias 3:

  • Just like with user names, the e-mail addresses are the results of the aliases, and cannot be changed independently.


Please specify a password. Your password must be at least 8 characters long. It may include letters, digits, spaces, as well as any other characters. There is a difference between upper case (capitals) and lower case.

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Later on, you can change your password any time in WinCOM/MacCOM (click Options > User).

In case you ever forget your password, please supply below a piece of info which we can ask you to be sure we're dealing with you and no one else.

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By applying for membership, you accept all terms of the Agreement,
and you declare that the above given information is truthful.

To show that you are a member or well-wisher of ISKCON, please answer following question:
Who is the founder acarya of ISKCON?