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(The files on this page are meant for software developpers only.
If you are an end-user, you will not find anything useful here.)

SPF routines for Windows (v1.12)

This is a fast, small and easy to use implementation
of SPF for Windows 2000 and later.
(For information about SPF, see Sender Policy Framework at Wikipedia)
Changes since version 1.8 (please read it)
Download RMSPF112S.ZIP, the source (25 kB)
Download RMSPF112D.ZIP, the DLL (43 kB)

If you want to compile it yourself and want
to use the cache in a file, then you also have to
download the database engine RAMADB13.ZIP (30 kB)
(Sorry, it is not Open Source)

(If you you want to be informed when there is an update,
please send me an email.)

NiceC: C Source Formatter (v11)

NiceC is a fast, learning and easy to use C source formatter.
It completely formats C or C++ source codes according to your
style which it has learned from a sample of your source code.
Download NICEC11.ZIP (24 kB)

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