Methods of Payment

Paying your fee can be done in one of the following ways.


We always confirm through e-mail when we have received a payment.

Online, using a credit card

  • Fast, secure, simple
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners
  • Service provider: Saferpay

Online, via PayPal

  • Fast, secure, simple

Online, via Moneybookers

  • Fast, secure, simple

National bank/post transfer

  • Absolutely secure, cheap
  • Only available in Switzerland

Go to the bank or post, and make the actual payment. As description, write your ticket number (or user number or name if you are extending your membership).

Please add 1.50 CHF if you pay cash at the post office.

Post account: 87-152151-5
Roger Moser, 8057 Zürich

(or give cash to Ramakanta)

If you paid for more than just yourself, e-mail us ( ) the user names and (if possible) user numbers (and also the amounts if not everyone pays the same amount).

European Postal Money Order

  • Advantages: secure
  • Disadvantage: only in Europe (no USA postal money orders!)

postal money order For countries where the risk on theft inside the postal system is high, a postal money order is a good idea.

As the name indicates, you arrange this is in your local post office. The cards are pink and are both in your local language and in French, which shows that this is a very old way of transferring money. It is actually used quite rarely nowadays, but it is a very secure way to send money, and often not expensive either.

coupon For "Montant en monnaie étrangère" (amount in foreign currency), write the amount in CHF which you need to pay. If your country is not using the CHF yet, please ask the post clerk how much you need to pay in your local currency in order to reach that amount in CHF.

As "bénéficiaire" write:

Roger Moser
Schaffhauserstr. 122
8057 Zürich

On the backside of the "Coupon" (the left part, which will be given to us) write your ticket number and/or your user name.

Sending cash money

  • Advantages: very easy and cheap
  • Disadvantage: it is done at your own risk

cash Unless the laws in your country strictly forbid it, you may send cash money in an envelope. Most countries do allow such small amounts. But none accept coins.

You may wish to send your letter registered, but it is not required as far as we are concerned. If you do not trust the post, you may consider to send a European Postal Money Order instead of cash.

Foreign money bills which are for some reason not accepted by our foreign exchange agent are sent back to your at a charge of 1.50 CHF. Therefore, send fresh looking money bills. It has happened especially with dollar bills that we had to send them back because they were considered too worn out. Remember that the exchange agent resells them to other customers, so the bills need to look decent.

Also never send coins of any currency whatsoever, not even CHF!!

Send the money, wrapped in a piece of newspaper (no carbon paper nor aluminum foil please), along with a paper stating your user number(s) and user name(s) to the following address:

Roger Moser
Schaffhauserstr. 122
8057 Zurich

(best is Swiss Franc (CHF), but EUR, USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, GBP etc. are accepted)

If you wonder if your local currency is acceptable, contact us first

International bank transfer (wire transfer)

  • Absolutely secure.

In Europe send Euros via SEPA, otherwise send CHF (Swiss francs). As description, write your user number or devotee name.

Tell the bank that you will pay all the costs for the transfer. If you don't tell them, we will have to reduce the subscription period(s) according to the amount of bank charges.

The bank details are:

Bank's name: Swiss Post - Postfinance
Bank's address: 3030 Bern, Switzerland
Account holder:  Roger Moser, Schaffhauserstr. 122, 8057 Zürich, Switzerland
IBAN:  CH68 0900 0000 8715 2151 5

Then write us ( ) an e-mail explaining that you made a bank transfer, and tell us the user name(s) and if possible also user number(s) (and also the amounts if not everyone pays the same amount).

You can also pay to following persons:

Mayapur, India
Prabir Kumar Roy
Chakra Building 2nd floor
Room No : 205
Tel. 245233/245229

Vrindavan, India
Premanjana Dasa
11, Sector 3
Chaitanya Vihar, Phase-2
(after Panchkula Bhawan, behind Yashoda Dham)
Phone: +91 9897312063 or +91 9219690320
Bank details:
Account number: 02681080000616
Name: Premanand Bisesser
Bank: HDFC Bank
Branch: 268 Mathura
IFSC Code: HDFC0000268
New Delhi, India
Samba Dasa
Sant Nagar, East of Kailash
New Delhi - 110065

New Vraja Dhama, Hungary
Sacisuta Dasa

Thank you!